The Scoop on The Museum of Ice Cream

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I’m going to be honest here. I’ve never been married and I’ve never had children… but I’m not quite sure I could ever be more excited about something than I was about going to the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami.

For the past few years, I have lustily stalked every blogger who had ever gone to the Museum, and eventually just accepted the fact that I would never go to the pastel playland that was MOIC. That being said, when the pop up location in my own backyard was announced, you KNOW I set my alarm for 8 a.m. to wake up and buy tickets for myself and my Instagram boyfriend.

As the fateful day came closer, my workload got heavier and heavier. Come the Friday before my big visit, I realized something terrible: I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR. For busty, curvy gals like myself… curating a cute outfit is not just a matter of sifting through my closet. With my body type, I am constantly seeking the perfect medium between either side of my doppelgänger spectrum… one side being Jessica Rabbit, the other being Spongebob. I had 20 minutes in Target to make it work, and I actually found a super cute blush bomber that I was able to pair with a simple white tee, black jeans and my mom’s shoes, as per usual.

Now, with the perfect outfit and the perfect date… I was ready to hit the Museum! Here’s a walk through of everything I experienced.

Entrance Area 

As soon as you walk into the Museum, you’re greeted by lots of fun ice cream facts! As you walk and read and work your way to the Sprinkle Pool (!!!), you get to chat with an ice cream fortune teller, and mine was in full glam (which I was living for).

You keep moving towards the door and, at least for me, the anticipation buiiiiilds. SO CLOSE TO THE INFAMOUS SPRINKLE POOL. They read us some rules, including don’t tinkle in the sprinkles (@Kyle), and then they finally let us in.

THE Sprinkle Pool

I took my shoes off and hopped right in! What you don’t know before going in is that you only have 30 seconds to enjoy this pool of colorful plastic. The “Sprinkle Lifeguard” kept giving time warnings, but my beloved Kyle was in the zone focusing the camera. The clock kept ticking and the picture opportunities kept slipping further and further away. I called for Kyle, but he was STILL deep in focus (pun intended). This was an activity I later described as “fiddle farting around.” Eventually, our time came and went and I got only this blurry iPhone memory from the Sprinkle Pool.

I stayed true to the theme of the Museum and came dangerously close to a meltdown, but then I remembered I was a grown woman lol… plus, there was still a lot of Museum to explore! Cone’t stop, won’t stop.


Next stop: The BUNNS Shop! This Museum isn’t necessarily the most keto friendly outing, so I wasn’t able to eat the delicious samples they gave throughout. However, they did serve an awesome cinnamon bun frosty that Kyle loved! And we did, in fact, have to shake our buns to get some. 🍑

Balloon Illusion 

This was a cute touch. What was NOT cute was the angle at which this picture had to be taken to look like you were holding the balloons. Let’s just say those pics of me got “lost”…

Ice Cream Fans 

This floor was so cute! Lots of cutie cones with little fans… aka the only floor with circulating air. I cannot believe they store ice cream at this place… I was SWEAT.ING.

As you can see, I obviously didn’t get a good pic here, but highlight on fleek so it’s whatever. 🌟

Cherries and Ba-Nae-Naes 

It was like the Hunger Games in here. One room, two swings, 19 children in holographic fanny packs all antsy to get their little butts onto the fruit swings.

Plot twist, children: I am just like you, but older and wiser. I, too, wanted to get my little butt onto a fruit swing, but the years behind me have given me the skills to get there before YOU.

So yeah… got these pics before the kiddos. Felt equally as proud as I did petty.

Diamond Room 

Kyle and I had to physically get on our knees and crawl into this little tiny room, which only fit 1-2 people at a time. It was pretty awesome in here! Although, just like the rest of the place, it was SO HOT. Proof below.

Melted Ice Cream

Another room, another sample! Here in the melted ice cream room, everyone was given a carton of melted ice cream, which Kyle slurped down like it was fresh water on a deserted island.

There was also a board where you could spell out your favorite “flavor” and take a pic. I desperately wanted to put “ginger,” but all of the Gs were broken. 😰

Sandcastle Room + Sculture Room 

I didn’t spend much time in these rooms, but those who did got to build their own sandcastle and/or sculpture! Plus, there was pink glitter sand, gummy samples for Kyle and a psychedelic wall. That’s all I need to be happy!

Play Room + Rooftop

This was my FAVORITE! As soon as you get to this floor, you get key lime ice cream cones to set the scene for a true tropical Miami experience. There were ping pong tables inside, and outside you could hoola hoop, hang out or even try your hand at shuffleboard!

I literally got photobombed by a rainbow. I mean??????? #MAGICAL

Popsicle Wall

This was the last stop before the gift shop and exit. 😭 But definitely a great one! This popsicle backdrop made for the perfect pic with my boo. Can’t post though… sorry friends, need to have SOMETHING locked and loaded for V Day, and Kyle is typically always behind the camera. 💁🏼

Overall, I had such a great time at the Museum of Ice Cream. I definitely hyped it up a lot, but it did not disappoint. Unfortunately, all tickets to Miami and their next stop, San Fran, have been sold out, but be on the lookout for the new LA location if you’re going to be on the west coast!

If you got to go, what was your favorite part? If you didn’t, what do you wish you got to do? LMK in the comments below! ⬇️


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  1. Jacqueline Misch says:

    I love the plot twist where you skip all the children to swing on the fruit first……YAAAAAASSSSSSSS!!!

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