Chlo’s in Different Area Codes

Guys. Life has been crazy and awesome and busy beyond belief. By the end of February, I’ll have been to New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Texas, Orlando and D.C. in 2017 alone. LORDT. I’ve been working like a dog, both professionally and personally. Plus, I haven’t eaten carbs in two weeks, sooo I’m expecting my nomination for sainthood any day now. I definitely have not been giving my blog enough love, so I wanted to give you guys a little look into where I’ve been the past few weeks and what I’ve been up to.

New York

I went to New York for a week to visit some of my BFFs from high school! A week turned into a week and a half but honestly, YOLO. More time to do trendy New York things!

I sipped spiked apple cider while wearing a robe in an igloo at a rooftop bar called 230 Fifth. That sentence looks like it came right out of Mad Libs and I love it.

I wore sneakers and a light jacket in a snow storm.

I purchased an Apple Bottoms Jeans brand winter coat from Burlington in the middle of said snow storm.

I drank boba out of a lightbulb at Spot (feat. Apple Bottoms Jeans coat).

Most importantly, I got my dream manicure at Pattie Yankee’s manicure bar! I Instagram stalked Pattie until I got an appointment, and I am not ashamed because I was so glad I did! Anya killed it.

So, I’d say that trip was a solid 9/10 on the trendiness scale. I had to deduct a point for the Apple Bottoms Jeans coat.

Pennsylvania + New Jersey

I went to PA and NJ with two of my fave gals: my mama and Ashley D. Ashley is my mom’s favorite daughter, despite the fact that I am her only daughter. We laughed, we played, we wheeled and we dealed… but most importantly, I was #blessed to experience my carry-on suitcase bust open as I walked onto our plane to PA. I don’t mean a zipper came loose, I mean both zippers literally FLEW off and my suitcase opened, spilling all of my belongings. This was true irony because I was taking this picture two seconds before boarding, feeling v chic with the marble suitcase I got for Christmas.

As fate would have it, the only solve to this situation was dumping the suitcase and my belongings into a large see-through trash bag. I got to carry the 50 pound trash bag 24 rows back as I word vomited to every single person I saw, “Sorry – my suitcase exploded.” The only way I could have made this whole thing worse was by loudly talking about explosives. Nailed it.

No worries though, the flight back was a breeze. Nothing a roll of saran wrap couldn’t fix.

Washington, D.C.

GIRLS’ TRIPPPP! I went to D.C. this time around with my friend RebeccaH (the H is silent, but should be capitalized) to meet up with our friend Katie, who recently moved there for work! Katie is a travel blogger and certified over-thinker. This combo totally worked in our favor because she made us the best itinerary ever, down to the hour.

Katie literally killed it. I mean, first and foremost, she helped me finally fulfill my dream of having a rainbow bagel at Bethesda Bagels. This led to the creation of my best Instagram caption EVER: Four score and seven shmears ago…

We got to go to a pop-up Stranger Things bar, where they honored Her Holiness, ~Barb~

They even did a live show every once in awhile, when the Demogorgon got hungry.

We had a full fledged photo shoot at the National Mall, which RebeccaH thought was a literal shopping mall up until days before the trip. I couldn’t even laugh though because I thought the same thing two weeks prior, until my boyfriend told me he spent the day there once and I questioned what I thought was an intense love for shopping.

We stuffed our faces with Unicorn Bars at Buttercream Bakeshop. Yes, that IS glitter.

We had the most delicious brunch at Founding Farmers. I don’t even need to say more than this: hot beignets, cornbread and honey, sausage eggs benedict. BYEEEE.

There are no other pictures because it was THAT good…

I obviously bought a pocket macaron, which is just that – a macaron to keep in my pocket for bites throughout the day – at Olivia Macaron in Georgetown.

Lastly, we ended the trip watching the most beautiful sunset in Georgetown. If I didn’t know us, I’d think we were dating.


Same gang, who dis? My mom, Ashley and I headed to Orlando last week to do the glam thing with Bombshell Fitness at their headquarters! What was simply a work trip became what we referred to as, “Friendship Weekend.” The theme of everything we did was simply that: Friendship. We bought Friendship Rocks, Friendship Pearls, and most importantly, Friendship Waist Trainers.

Our Friendship Rocks were these strangely beautiful crystal lamps being sold at the gift shop of the Rainforest Cafe. We decided that we definitely each needed one.

We spotted a Pearl Factory kiosk in which you pick an oyster and get the pearl inside, and without even saying a word, we all knew that meant one thing: Friendship Pearls. Now, I don’t want to brag, but Megan from Pearl Factory claimed that my pearl was one of the biggest and rarest she had ever seen chosen. It was a blue pearl and it was 8.5 mm. I got it mounted on a ring and I think I now lean slightly to the left because it is so big and heavy.

We did get Friendship Waist Trainers, but I want you to keep reading my blog posts, so I won’t post a picture of that on here. Instead, I’d like to highlight our gambling problem. We visited a delightful Perkins for breakfast one morning, in which there was a STACKED claw machine. If there’s one thing I love in this world, it is the high I get from the claw machine. My mom claims I would literally take her last dollar to play. I can neither confirm nor deny this statement. By the end of breakfast I had scored four stuffed animals, and although I could not clinch the elusive dinosaur, there was a man making balloon animals who made a dinosaur for me. Reminder: I am 22-years-old.

My mom didn’t win anything herself, but she was glad she got “the thrill of it.”


This is dangerous, but my mom, Ashley and I will be heading to Houston, TX, in two weeks to glam beauty queens with celeb photographer, Carlos Velez, and pageant coach extraordinaire, Jules Meyer. Here’s a pic from one of my fave shoots with them, featuring the stunning Miss USA, Deshauna Barber. Makeup and hair by Victoria Duke Beauty, of course.

That’s what has been going on in my life. Like I mentioned earlier, my canonization is going to be reviewed soon because I am not eating carbs, which is 100% considered a miracle. But between working with my glam fam and trying to eat less the vampires in Twilight when their eyes turn red, I’ve pretty much just been enjoying life and loving my new schedule. Now that I’m really getting into the swing of things, I promise I am going to try to write my blog posts more regularly! The main things people ask me about are my office, my Instagram pictures and my makeup recos – so expect to see some of that soon!


4 responses to “Chlo’s in Different Area Codes”

  1. Cindy Black says:

    Hey there sweet girl- this is awesome- I felt like I was listening to you talk which is always a blast- keep the posts coming- you are SO talented ❌❤️❌❤️

  2. Heather says:

    I love Founding Farmers– their pot roast is ridiculous. I’m headed to that bagel place when I go to DC in March!

  3. Katherine says:

    lol I am obsessed with your writing and your voice! So funny. I feel like we definitely have dry sarcasm in common!

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