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I’m going to be honest here. I’ve never been married and I’ve never had children… but I’m not quite sure I could ever be more excited about something than I was about going to the Museum of Ice Cream in Miami.

For the past few years, I have lustily stalked every blogger who had ever gone to the Museum, and eventually just accepted the fact that I would never go to the pastel playland that was MOIC. That being said, when the pop up location in my own backyard was announced, you KNOW I set my alarm for 8 a.m. to wake up and buy tickets for myself and my Instagram boyfriend.

As the fateful day came closer, my workload got heavier and heavier. Come the Friday before my big visit, I realized something terrible: I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR. For busty, curvy gals like myself… curating a cute outfit is not just a matter of sifting through my closet. With my body type, I am constantly seeking the perfect medium between either side of my doppelgänger spectrum… one side being Jessica Rabbit, the other being Spongebob. I had 20 minutes in Target to make it work, and I actually found a super cute blush bomber that I was able to pair with a simple white tee, black jeans and my mom’s shoes, as per usual.

Now, with the perfect outfit and the perfect date… I was ready to hit the Museum! Here’s a walk through of everything I experienced.

Entrance Area 

As soon as you walk into the Museum, you’re greeted by lots of fun ice cream facts! As you walk and read and work your way to the Sprinkle Pool (!!!), you get to chat with an ice cream fortune teller, and mine was in full glam (which I was living for).

You keep moving towards the door and, at least for me, the anticipation buiiiiilds. SO CLOSE TO THE INFAMOUS SPRINKLE POOL. They read us some rules, including don’t tinkle in the sprinkles (@Kyle), and then they finally let us in.

THE Sprinkle Pool

I took my shoes off and hopped right in! What you don’t know before going in is that you only have 30 seconds to enjoy this pool of colorful plastic. The “Sprinkle Lifeguard” kept giving time warnings, but my beloved Kyle was in the zone focusing the camera. The clock kept ticking and the picture opportunities kept slipping further and further away. I called for Kyle, but he was STILL deep in focus (pun intended). This was an activity I later described as “fiddle farting around.” Eventually, our time came and went and I got only this blurry iPhone memory from the Sprinkle Pool.

I stayed true to the theme of the Museum and came dangerously close to a meltdown, but then I remembered I was a grown woman lol… plus, there was still a lot of Museum to explore! Cone’t stop, won’t stop.


Next stop: The BUNNS Shop! This Museum isn’t necessarily the most keto friendly outing, so I wasn’t able to eat the delicious samples they gave throughout. However, they did serve an awesome cinnamon bun frosty that Kyle loved! And we did, in fact, have to shake our buns to get some. 🍑

Balloon Illusion 

This was a cute touch. What was NOT cute was the angle at which this picture had to be taken to look like you were holding the balloons. Let’s just say those pics of me got “lost”…

Ice Cream Fans 

This floor was so cute! Lots of cutie cones with little fans… aka the only floor with circulating air. I cannot believe they store ice cream at this place… I was SWEAT.ING.

As you can see, I obviously didn’t get a good pic here, but highlight on fleek so it’s whatever. 🌟

Cherries and Ba-Nae-Naes 

It was like the Hunger Games in here. One room, two swings, 19 children in holographic fanny packs all antsy to get their little butts onto the fruit swings.

Plot twist, children: I am just like you, but older and wiser. I, too, wanted to get my little butt onto a fruit swing, but the years behind me have given me the skills to get there before YOU.

So yeah… got these pics before the kiddos. Felt equally as proud as I did petty.

Diamond Room 

Kyle and I had to physically get on our knees and crawl into this little tiny room, which only fit 1-2 people at a time. It was pretty awesome in here! Although, just like the rest of the place, it was SO HOT. Proof below.

Melted Ice Cream

Another room, another sample! Here in the melted ice cream room, everyone was given a carton of melted ice cream, which Kyle slurped down like it was fresh water on a deserted island.

There was also a board where you could spell out your favorite “flavor” and take a pic. I desperately wanted to put “ginger,” but all of the Gs were broken. 😰

Sandcastle Room + Sculture Room 

I didn’t spend much time in these rooms, but those who did got to build their own sandcastle and/or sculpture! Plus, there was pink glitter sand, gummy samples for Kyle and a psychedelic wall. That’s all I need to be happy!

Play Room + Rooftop

This was my FAVORITE! As soon as you get to this floor, you get key lime ice cream cones to set the scene for a true tropical Miami experience. There were ping pong tables inside, and outside you could hoola hoop, hang out or even try your hand at shuffleboard!

I literally got photobombed by a rainbow. I mean??????? #MAGICAL

Popsicle Wall

This was the last stop before the gift shop and exit. 😭 But definitely a great one! This popsicle backdrop made for the perfect pic with my boo. Can’t post though… sorry friends, need to have SOMETHING locked and loaded for V Day, and Kyle is typically always behind the camera. 💁🏼

Overall, I had such a great time at the Museum of Ice Cream. I definitely hyped it up a lot, but it did not disappoint. Unfortunately, all tickets to Miami and their next stop, San Fran, have been sold out, but be on the lookout for the new LA location if you’re going to be on the west coast!

If you got to go, what was your favorite part? If you didn’t, what do you wish you got to do? LMK in the comments below! ⬇️

It’s officially 2018 and I’m comin’ in HOT! Figuratively, that is. However, if my resolutions go according to plan, I’ll be leaving hotter… literally. 💁🏼

Now, it’s day 3 of 2018. If you’ve made it this far with your resolutions, kudos to you — you’ve gotten farther than most! If you’re procrastinating and STILL haven’t even made them, giiiirlllll (or boyyyy), it’s time to get it together. This book is only 365 pages, and the first chapter will be over before you know it.

I know it’s hard being introspective and real with yourself, especially when that introspection leads to 12 whole months of accountability. That’s why I decided to make it easier on myself this year by posing a different question: “What are my areas of opportunity?” rather than “What is wrong with me that I need to fix?” Because nothing is wrong. I’m a good person with a good heart and I treat others the way I want to be treated. However, there is always room for improvement. And that’s how I came up with the five resolutions below!

However, a destination is useless without directions — so I created a little roadmap for all of my resolutions to make sure I can turn them into results! As Taylor Swift would say, “…ready for it?”

Become an essentialist. 

A few people in my circle have talked about turning to minimalism in 2018. I totally respect that, but I’m tragically extra. And I know it’s not in my best interest sometimes. That’s why I’m following some great advice my mom gave me: become an essentialist. This means I don’t have to completely abandon my extra ways, but rather only be extra with the essentials. Stuff I actually need, not just stuff I want. This will also help me save some dough!

How I’ll Do It: Eat out less, avoid eye contact with the dollar bin at Target + NO MORE NOTEBOOKS. I buy so many notebooks guys, it’s sick. You’d think I’m handwriting the Bible with a literal commandment from God if you could see the amount of notebooks I buy and the intensity in which I shop for them. I need to chill.

Be good to my body. 

I kicked this one off in 2017 with my keto diet and weight loss. However, sometimes I feel like I’m cutting corners. I always drink more coffee than I do water, I find myself ignoring my FitBit’s pushy little messages and I let the days without working out fade into weeks. I’d like to really, truly be good to my body, because ~you only get one~ y’all!

How I’ll Do It: Drink more water, hit my FitBit step goal every day (add me, friends) and exercise with my girl Kenzie at least 3 times per week. Kenzie makes me sweat from pores I didn’t even know I had.

Do the most. 

Adult mode: ENGAGED. This year, I think that I’m finally semi in the swing of doing life. That being said, I want to get into more of a routine, and I want that routine to be super productive. I want to do the most, so I can be the most.

How I’ll Do It: Wake up earlier. That’s it. It’s the only solution, and I have racked my brain for literally every other possible solution… but that’s it. Ugh. In 2018, I will bite the bullet and wake up earlier to get my ish done, because I’ve got a lot of ISH. And I want to make my bed every morning. I feel like that is such a positive way to set the stage for a great day.

Socialize… Not Just On Social. 

I am your stereotypical introverted extrovert, who anyone would easily describe as the most outgoing person they know. But things aren’t always as they seem. My first choice of fun on a Friday night would be staying at home doing anything but socializing. And it would my second choice. And third. Really… the act of actually going out or hanging with friends is the last thing on my mind. Not because I hate seeing my friends, not because I hate doing fun things, but because that’s just how I’m wired. Plus, something that has always contributed to that is being self conscious. I can’t go anywhere without hating my hair, staring at my under eye circles or changing my outfit 20 times to hide my boobs. I’m not kidding when I literally always feel like I look an old golden retriever. Pic below for reference.

But I want to put that behind me. The past two months I’ve had so much fun reconnecting with my best friends that live all over the country. These experiences have taught me to forget about how I feel and what people may think of me… and just let the good times roll. I want to be social IRL, not just on social media.

How I’ll Do It: Say yes to coffee dates. Text my friends first. Make spontaneous plans. Don’t let outfits or bad hair days hold me back.

Cross the finish line. 

This is the big boy, and the one that means the most to me. As I’ve mentioned, I said “see ya never” to 40 pounds of fat in 2017. In 2018, it’s my time to cross the finish line and lose my last 20 pounds! I do often get frustrated that I’m not there yet. But then, on Sunday night/Monday morning, I thought about how I started 2017 vs. how I started this year. I’m a different person. Then I thought, if I keep on keepin’ on, imagine where I’ll be when I start 2019! With power and persistence, I’m going to get to my goal. I especially want to get there (or close) by April, when I’ll be saying peace out to America for a few weeks to celebrate my birthday and my mom’s birthday in Europe! We’ll be in Paris, Italy and Greece… and I fully plan on wearing a bathing suit in front of actual living, breathing humans for what may be the first time in 10 years. LEHHHGO!

How I’ll Do It: I’ve already said a million times I’ll be training with Kenzie, but I’m also excited to really focus on my diet and get into major fat burning mode. For Christmas I got Ketogenic Girl’s 28 Day Keto Challenge Meal Plan, which I’m sooo excited about! I start Monday, 1/8, once I come back to South Florida from a wedding this weekend! Follow along on my mom and I’s keto Instagram page to see my progress.

Now, like I said, this book is only 365 pages… and tomorrow you’re turning another page! If you haven’t already, ask yourself, “What are my areas of opportunity?”  When you have your answer, I want to hear it! Comment below. ❤️ And If we share any of the same resolutions… always feel free to DM me on Instagram. #GirlGang members need to stick together. Let’s go after those goals aggressively!

*walking into 2017 liiiiike*

I’m officially the girl who cried “more blog posts.”

But this year, I mean it. New posts, every. single. week. IT’S HAPPENING. And how can I promise that? Because it’s one of my 2018 resolutions, and clearly I absolutely CRUSH my resolutions. Here’s a little recap of the goals I had for 2017, and how I kicked them in the peach emoji. 🍑

Be the best me I can be. ✔️

Okay, I’m officially the opposite of humble bragging here. I’m full on bragging, with as little humility as possible.

I went into 2017 eating like I was filming one of those slow-mo black and white montages they play at the beginning of every Biggest Loser season. By February, I was living my best life like I was on the dang Ranch! Jillian Michaels, wya?! With unwavering support from my mama, I started a ketogenic lifestyle that I am so obsessed with. I feel amazing, look so much better (!!!!) and finally feel in control of my life. In March, I started training with one of my favorite people, Kenzie, who inspires me always and makes me feel like anything is possible. Thanks to help from my peeps, including my boyfriend who ALWAYS lets me pick the restaurant so I can get something keto that I love, I’m flaunting into the new year 40 pounds down! YAS QUEEN! It’s both lit and fit.

Do more of what sets my soul on fire. ✔️

At the end of 2016, I left my job at Zimmerman Advertising. It was so incredibly bittersweet. I left behind a place I love, filled with so many people I love. I got my start at Zimmerman as a baby intern in 2014, and it was there that I realized my love for social media and was given the opportunity to let it grow. I am forever thankful to Z for those experiences, and I will never forget the people who paved my path. Love you all! ❤️

That being said, it was my time to go. My mom’s makeup line and makeup school were growing at a pace that demanded much more of my time and energy, so I joined full time to do the glam thing! And I absolutely love it. I love every second I get to spend slaying and playing with my mama and our amazing #GlamFam!

Now, while I do love this role, I am still furiously passionate about social marketing. So, when I was presented with an opportunity to also work remotely for one of the top agencies in the world… of course I took it! Throughout 2017 I have been able to work as a social copywriter and strategist for SapientRazorfish on accounts like Trojan Condoms, Batiste Dry Shampoo, The Fresh Market and ASICS Global. It’s so freaking awesome. I can work from anywhere in the world, 9/10 times in a nightgown.

The work I do with Academy of Glam, Victoria Duke Beauty and SapientRazorfish… it sets my soul on fire.

Explore. ✔️

I think I took this one a little too seriously because I am so exhausted from a crazy year of traveling and never saying no to adventures. I had the pleasure of working (and playing) all over the country in Atlanta, Vermont, D.C., Vegas, Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Tampa Ohio, Texas, New York and Chicago… to name a few. I got to meet so many beautiful people, explore different cities and states and make memories with my people. Blog posts to come on all of the things I got to see and do!

For the love of God, BUDGET. ✔️

So I found a loophole for this one. I didn’t necessarily “budget,” but instead I just decided to work my tail off and make more money! Genius, right? However, I also did start saving a lot more, just without strict guidelines, and I was able to save up and pay in full to get Lasik! Best decision I have ever made!! 10/10 would recommend – I loved my surgery at Millennium Laser Eye Center. I’m planning on continuing down the super savings path in 2018 because I have big plans for the new year, so I want to make sure I’m financially ready to make them happen.

Get a dog. ✔️

Need I say more? This babe is the love and light of my life.

2016, I was just surviving. Barely LOL. 2017 was all about thriving. 2018? 2018 is all about crossing the finish line and living my absolute best life.

I’ll be spending my New Year’s Eve working on my vision board (v exciting), so stay tuned for all of my 2018 resolutions next week! In the meantime, I want to know yours! Give me some inspo in the comments below.

2017 Motto: It probably can’t get worse?

We were all thinking it. 2016 was… interesting. But let’s look at this glass half full. I think that everyone, including myself, has learned so much this past year. Let’s use these learnings to make 2017 the best year yet! In order to do so, I’ve come up with a few resolutions of my own.

Be the best me I can be.
Yes, I’ve been in a perpetual state of “I’d like to lose 10 pounds” since 7th grade. However, as I’ve gotten older and wiser, I’ve learned that being the best version of myself is more than just getting skinny. It’s getting fit and being healthy! Revelation: most people who eat the right stuff in moderation and exercise regularly aren’t getting ready for the VS runway. They are just normal people. THIS IS PART OF ADULTING. I know, I can’t believe it either.

This is going to be a tough one for me because I eat like every meal is a hot dog eating contest. What’s good is I have the most amazing support system with Bombshell Fitness to make my 2017 healthier and happier. Once I get into my workout and healthy eating groove, I’ll tell you guys more!

Do more of what sets my soul on fire.
My first resolution was about my physical happiness, but mental happiness is just as important! Much like Kylie in 2016, I have a lot of “realizing things” to do. Part of being the best I can be means doing what makes me happy. I plan on “realizing” exactly what that is, and really honing in on how to weave these activities into my daily life. I’m already off to a great start as I’ll begin working with my mom in January and doing exactly what I’m passionate about – helping cultivate her amazing makeup line and working side by side with my best friend.

Ideally, I’d like to be galavanting across the world on the daily. However, unless you’re like The Blonde Abroad or my friend Klo on the Go, that’s just not realistic. In 2017 I plan on making more of an effort to explore the world around me. Whether that means going to that restaurant I’ve been scrolling past on Yelp or actually walking outside on the weekends, I want to be able to get to know and appreciate the world around me.

For the love of God, BUDGET.
My dear ginger boyfriend made me an amazing budget spreadsheet when I got my first job out of college. There were columns, there were colors, there were formulas… but there was one thing missing: me actually putting in the time and energy to follow it.

Do I spend at least $5 a day on lattes? Yes. Do I eat out every meal? Guilty. Have I literally ever opened that budget ONCE since its creation? Absolutely not.

I want to do some serious saving this year, so I’m taking the reins and I am making my own budget for 2017! #GIRLBOSS I’ll keep you guys updated on my efforts.

Get a dog.
Is this deep? Thought provoking? Life shattering? No to all of the above. But I really like dogs and I want one OKAY let me live. Like any normal person with human emotions, dogs delight me. I know it will be a lot of extra effort, but I want to stay true to what delights me and do what needs to be done to make it happen.

Now I want to hear yours! Partly because I’m interested, but also because I want to copy them if they’re better than mine…

Comment your 2017 resolutions below!


There are only so many times you can hear “you really should have a blog” before you make a move. I mean, if I live by the saying “the party don’t start ’til I login,” I shouldn’t just talk about it… I should be about it.

So here I am, twiddling my thumbs and trying to figure out how to justify giving the world exactly what it doesn’t need: the opinions of yet another 20-something who thinks her views on life are ~revolutionary~.

I began racking my brain for a real reason, but then I realized… who cares?! I’m wildly entertaining, I have a lot of ideas and thoughts that I’d love to share and I need a better way to spend my free time than searching my house for any sign of carbs. If my mom is the only one who reads this, so be it. I’m willing to take that risk in order to do something I’ve been dreaming of doing for so long. (btw hi mom 👋🏻)

That being said, I want to use You Chlo Girl as a way to share anything and everything with you guys, from my favorite coffee shops to stories about my travels to beauty tips and tricks, and to celebrate the fact that there is magic in everything – you just need to find it. Thanks for deciding to be part of this journey from the start! Looking forward to many more posts with you all.


P.S. Shoutout to Sheryl for the title inspo… #YouCrowGirl.