Turning My 2018 Resolutions into Results

It’s officially 2018 and I’m comin’ in HOT! Figuratively, that is. However, if my resolutions go according to plan, I’ll be leaving hotter… literally. 💁🏼

Now, it’s day 3 of 2018. If you’ve made it this far with your resolutions, kudos to you — you’ve gotten farther than most! If you’re procrastinating and STILL haven’t even made them, giiiirlllll (or boyyyy), it’s time to get it together. This book is only 365 pages, and the first chapter will be over before you know it.

I know it’s hard being introspective and real with yourself, especially when that introspection leads to 12 whole months of accountability. That’s why I decided to make it easier on myself this year by posing a different question: “What are my areas of opportunity?” rather than “What is wrong with me that I need to fix?” Because nothing is wrong. I’m a good person with a good heart and I treat others the way I want to be treated. However, there is always room for improvement. And that’s how I came up with the five resolutions below!

However, a destination is useless without directions — so I created a little roadmap for all of my resolutions to make sure I can turn them into results! As Taylor Swift would say, “…ready for it?”

Become an essentialist. 

A few people in my circle have talked about turning to minimalism in 2018. I totally respect that, but I’m tragically extra. And I know it’s not in my best interest sometimes. That’s why I’m following some great advice my mom gave me: become an essentialist. This means I don’t have to completely abandon my extra ways, but rather only be extra with the essentials. Stuff I actually need, not just stuff I want. This will also help me save some dough!

How I’ll Do It: Eat out less, avoid eye contact with the dollar bin at Target + NO MORE NOTEBOOKS. I buy so many notebooks guys, it’s sick. You’d think I’m handwriting the Bible with a literal commandment from God if you could see the amount of notebooks I buy and the intensity in which I shop for them. I need to chill.

Be good to my body. 

I kicked this one off in 2017 with my keto diet and weight loss. However, sometimes I feel like I’m cutting corners. I always drink more coffee than I do water, I find myself ignoring my FitBit’s pushy little messages and I let the days without working out fade into weeks. I’d like to really, truly be good to my body, because ~you only get one~ y’all!

How I’ll Do It: Drink more water, hit my FitBit step goal every day (add me, friends) and exercise with my girl Kenzie at least 3 times per week. Kenzie makes me sweat from pores I didn’t even know I had.

Do the most. 

Adult mode: ENGAGED. This year, I think that I’m finally semi in the swing of doing life. That being said, I want to get into more of a routine, and I want that routine to be super productive. I want to do the most, so I can be the most.

How I’ll Do It: Wake up earlier. That’s it. It’s the only solution, and I have racked my brain for literally every other possible solution… but that’s it. Ugh. In 2018, I will bite the bullet and wake up earlier to get my ish done, because I’ve got a lot of ISH. And I want to make my bed every morning. I feel like that is such a positive way to set the stage for a great day.

Socialize… Not Just On Social. 

I am your stereotypical introverted extrovert, who anyone would easily describe as the most outgoing person they know. But things aren’t always as they seem. My first choice of fun on a Friday night would be staying at home doing anything but socializing. And it would my second choice. And third. Really… the act of actually going out or hanging with friends is the last thing on my mind. Not because I hate seeing my friends, not because I hate doing fun things, but because that’s just how I’m wired. Plus, something that has always contributed to that is being self conscious. I can’t go anywhere without hating my hair, staring at my under eye circles or changing my outfit 20 times to hide my boobs. I’m not kidding when I literally always feel like I look an old golden retriever. Pic below for reference.

But I want to put that behind me. The past two months I’ve had so much fun reconnecting with my best friends that live all over the country. These experiences have taught me to forget about how I feel and what people may think of me… and just let the good times roll. I want to be social IRL, not just on social media.

How I’ll Do It: Say yes to coffee dates. Text my friends first. Make spontaneous plans. Don’t let outfits or bad hair days hold me back.

Cross the finish line. 

This is the big boy, and the one that means the most to me. As I’ve mentioned, I said “see ya never” to 40 pounds of fat in 2017. In 2018, it’s my time to cross the finish line and lose my last 20 pounds! I do often get frustrated that I’m not there yet. But then, on Sunday night/Monday morning, I thought about how I started 2017 vs. how I started this year. I’m a different person. Then I thought, if I keep on keepin’ on, imagine where I’ll be when I start 2019! With power and persistence, I’m going to get to my goal. I especially want to get there (or close) by April, when I’ll be saying peace out to America for a few weeks to celebrate my birthday and my mom’s birthday in Europe! We’ll be in Paris, Italy and Greece… and I fully plan on wearing a bathing suit in front of actual living, breathing humans for what may be the first time in 10 years. LEHHHGO!

How I’ll Do It: I’ve already said a million times I’ll be training with Kenzie, but I’m also excited to really focus on my diet and get into major fat burning mode. For Christmas I got Ketogenic Girl’s 28 Day Keto Challenge Meal Plan, which I’m sooo excited about! I start Monday, 1/8, once I come back to South Florida from a wedding this weekend! Follow along on my mom and I’s keto Instagram page to see my progress.

Now, like I said, this book is only 365 pages… and tomorrow you’re turning another page! If you haven’t already, ask yourself, “What are my areas of opportunity?”  When you have your answer, I want to hear it! Comment below. ❤️ And If we share any of the same resolutions… always feel free to DM me on Instagram. #GirlGang members need to stick together. Let’s go after those goals aggressively!


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  1. Gigi says:

    This is fabulous Chlo! You have another follower ♡

  2. Amanda DelPozzo says:

    Everything about your writing, your voice in your blogs, your creativity, and your pictures I absolutely adore. Just wanted to let you know your blog inspires me in so many ways !! I love love love it.

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